The Bay Wood Vision for the Future:  To strengthen Bay Wood’s reputation as the best wooden pallet manufacturer in the mid-Gulf Coast region through outstanding service and superior craftsmanship.

Berry Industrial Group

"Jimmy with one exception has not changed much in over 20 years that I have known him. He has always had a positive presence either in meeting or business dealing. He knows how to communicate and show respect rather than talk. As a supplier to Berry Industrial Group, Bay Wood has enhanced our relationships with our customers and has always been there during crunch time. The standards he has established and the professionalism of every Bay Wood employee is example of how to do business. The one exception that has changed is that Jimmy’s smile has become bigger and allows the recipient to know that he is really listening to you as a person."

Debra Berry
CEO, Berry Industrial Group

"Berry Industrial has partnered with Bay Wood for over ten years and in all that time, Bay Wood has never let us down. Over the years they have become so efficient at anticipating our needs that we often joke that they practically have the pallets built before we hang up the phone with them! Bay Wood continues to provide us with efficient, reliable service and competitive pricing. Jimmy Wilson is truly an industry leader whose integrity and honesty can be felt throughout Bay Wood.

Keep up the excellent work! We look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship."

Peter Berry
President, Berry Industrial Group

Brent J. McClendon, CAE, NWPCA President/CEO

“NWPCA and the wood pallet and wood packaging industry have benefitted greatly from Jimmy Wilson’s investment of time, energy, and Bay Wood Products’ financial support of the industry’s critical issues. An association asks a lot of board members, and Jimmy gave selflessly, time and again, in ways that benefit so many.”

Mike Sheldon, former buyer for Dupont

(Retired Aug. 31, 2014)

“Bay Wood handles one of our largest plants orders. If somebody called me up and asked me who I would order pallets from, I would tell  them Bay Wood Products.”

“Jimmy is also an innovator. He’s on the board of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. He’s the one who got Dupont  to join the association. Jimmy was one of those who pushed to allow customers to become members, which has benefits to both parties, the owners of pallet businesses and the people who buy them. It allows owners to get feedback from customers and opens up the lines of communication.”

”Jimmy Wilson and his staff at Bay Wood have always been very honest. He’s probably one of the most reputable people I’ve ever met.”

Armstrong World Industries

“Bay Wood Products is a key supplier of wooden pallets for Armstrong because the company provides a quality product and is a consistent, dependable supplier. Bay Wood has great customer service. I have had some emergency orders and Bay Wood has been a tremendous help. They were able to make special pallets and get them to us within a day. I feel like we can always count on Bay Wood to come through for us."

Jere Myers
Procurement Manager, Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

"Contact with other pallet industry sources gives Bay Wood Products President Jimmy Wilson knowledge beyond his local market area. The company also invests in capital equipment and seeks opportunities to purchase lumber and fasteners under favorable terms to remain price competitive. Bay Wood Products has assisted us in selecting the right products. They have helped us take our raw materials to the next level and add value to it."

Bob Havner 
Purchasing Manager, Armstrong World Industries


  • Quality, Cost Saving Products

    “You can count on this pallet producer to use quality materials and help reduce your cost. Bay Wood is always looking for ways to be more efficient so it can pass the savings on to customers. I have complete confidence in this company.”
  • Industry Leader

    “The people of Bay Wood are very knowledgeable. We can rely on them to be responsive to national trends and regulations, and always addressing concerns about pest infestation in wooden pallet material. They make sure we stay ahead of the game.”
  • Latest Technology

    “Bay Wood Products uses computerized Pallet Design System (PDS) software that helps to build a better pallet by taking into account the dimensions and weight of a product and calculating the maximum load a pallet can handle."
  • Timely Problem Solving

    “Bay Wood Products offers solutions when it comes to materials, supply of materials, rapidly rising lumber costs, government regulations, pallet recycling and illegal immigrant issues. They are a sounding board beyond their local market. They also track any quality problems. They have an excellent reporting system for quality materials. If and when there are problems, the company is very prompt in dealing with them. We appreciate their recommendations on cost reduction. Bay Wood Products is very thorough and a true resource.”
  • Great Customer Service

    “Bay Wood Products has always scored high over the years on our Industry Supplier Performance Scorecard. This company is responsive to our needs."

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. manufactures and markets interior finish building materials. Its products include acoustical ceilings, floor coverings and cabinets. The corporate offices are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Armstrong employs more than 12,500 people worldwide and has annual sales in excess of $3.5 billion. The manufacturing plants that purchase pallets from Bay Wood Products are in Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama.

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$1.5 million in
raw materials on site

$20 million
annual revenue

190 truckloads of
pallets monthly

Recycles up to 60
tons of wood scraps daily