The Bay Wood Vision for the Future:  To strengthen Bay Wood’s reputation as the best wooden pallet manufacturer in the mid-Gulf Coast region through outstanding service and superior craftsmanship.

Mike Sheldon, former buyer for Dupont

(Retired Aug. 31, 2014)

“Bay Wood handles one of our largest plants orders. If somebody called me up and asked me who I would order pallets from, I would tell  them Bay Wood Products.”

“Jimmy is also an innovator. He’s on the board of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. He’s the one who got Dupont  to join the association. Jimmy was one of those who pushed to allow customers to become members, which has benefits to both parties, the owners of pallet businesses and the people who buy them. It allows owners to get feedback from customers and opens up the lines of communication.”

”Jimmy Wilson and his staff at Bay Wood have always been very honest. He’s probably one of the most reputable people I’ve ever met.”

$1.5 million in
raw materials on site

$20 million
annual revenue

190 truckloads of
pallets monthly

Recycles up to 60
tons of wood scraps daily