The Bay Wood Vision for the Future:  To strengthen Bay Wood’s reputation as the best wooden pallet manufacturer in the mid-Gulf Coast region through outstanding service and superior craftsmanship.

Arkema Chemical

Axis, Alabama

“We have been able to make Bay Wood Products our sole supplier because the company has proven over the years to be just that dependable. Bay Wood also offers excellent engineering support. They work closely with each customer to engineer the right pallet for the product and reduce costs at the same time. They came up with some very good designs that helped us reduce our cost per pallet. When they redesigned the pallets, we could put more pallets on the truck, which resulted in reduced transportation costs. That was a welcome added benefit.”

Ricky Wilson
Logistics Supervisor, Arkema


Linden, Alabama

“Jimmy and I, we go way back. Actually, we met even before it became Bay Wood Products. I’ll never forget the first time I met him. He had that big smile on. It just seemed like from day one we got along well.”

“I sold him the first lumber he ever cut in his plant. I think he has a board mounted in the foyer there. He’s very personable and he’s easy to talk to and communicate with. He’s honest. I’ve never known of any instance when he’s been anything but honest. When you put all those things together, it makes for a good relationship.”

“Jimmy is a pretty polished guy and he has a strong work ethic. He doesn’t mind getting out in the plant and getting his hands dirty if he has to. If that’s what the recipe calls for, that’s what you do. I admire that type of thing. With the pallet business sometimes you’ve just got to get out there and do what’s got to be done to make it work. We need more people like that... more people like Jimmy.”

Wayne Fendley
Linden Lumber sales representative

Big River Cypress and Hardwoods Inc.

Blountstown, Florida

"They are an excellent customer. If they tell you they are going to do something, you can bank on it. They will be here when they say they will. They do exactly what they say and they really run their operation in a professional manner and do a wonderful job of it."

"Jimmy has built Bay Wood Products from a very small company to a large company. It seems to be a constant evolving process. I think a lot of their success is because of his leadership. He sets a good example. He treats his people fairly. He hires good people. He’s just a good manager."

"They have been an extremely outstanding organization to work with. They are first class. They pay promptly. They are really good any way you look at it."

Harry Rogers
Big River Cypress and Hardwoods Inc. (Florida)

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$1.5 million in
raw materials on site

$20 million
annual revenue

190 truckloads of
pallets monthly

Recycles up to 60
tons of wood scraps daily