Specialty Products

rotochopperIn the summer of 2014, Bay Wood Products launched a new division for the biofuel and landscaping markets, recycling mountains of scrap wood by shredding it into small chips that can be used as fuel for power generating boilers or to decorate gardens.

“We are recycling up to 60 tons of wood scraps a day, using an industrial grinder to make sawdust and mulch,” said Bay Wood Products founder and President Jimmy Wilson. “Ultimately, we’ll transition to the colored mulch market by 2015, offering local suppliers a quality product for use in retail, wholesale and landscape design.”

Wilson said the company invested in the industrial grinder, known as a RotoChopper, for a variety of reasons. Now, not a single stick of wood has to be wasted at the site that typically manufactures as many as 85,000 custom pallets every month.

Bay Wood is in compliance with ISPM-15 guidelines.