Meet Morris Neeb, Bay Wood Products’ New COO

morrisNeebMorris Neeb, recently named Chief Operating Officer for Bay Wood Products Inc. (BWP), has a strong background in finance and management. He joined BWP in July, 2014.

He worked as a Chief Financial Officer, a principal broker/owner in a real estate firm, and as an administrative manager for a national steel manufacturer. A Certified Management Accountant, he earned a degree in finance from Ball State University.

Growing up, Neeb looked up to his father, a construction supervisor responsible for building high-rise buildings in Indiana. "He could be demanding, but he treated everybody fairly," Need said. "He would work alongside his crews and stayed until the last worker was done for the day. He earned respect with his work ethic and by treating everyone with respect."

"I think there's an opportunity here to make a real impact," he said of why he decided to join the Bay Wood Products team. "I can bring my experience from a larger company and make a difference. I can bring in a different point of view."


An immediate goal Neeb has it to talk with staff across the company about how they do their jobs. He's trying to learn all he can about every aspect of the business and looking for ways to work smarter instead of harder: "The best ideas come from the people doing the work," he said. "You can't sit in your office all day and come up with great ideas."

Bay Wood Products Inc. has seen dynamicrevenuegrowth since 2008– just over a five year period. Neeb believes that with the right support, the company can continue to expand into new markets.

"Pallets really do move the world," Neeb said. "A lot of people probably don't realize that pallets are used pretty much universally, because they've become so ingrained in society."

One thing he would like for everyone to know about Bay Wood Products is just how successful the company has been at meeting the needs of their customers for the past 20 years. "We rarely lose a client because JimmyWilsonand his entire team have worked hard to build those relationships.Bay Wood prides itself on offering better customer service than our competitors. This is demonstrated, for example,by offeringSaturday and Sunday shipments when a customer needs thiskind ofresponse."

Ultimately, Neeb said, being successful in business comes down to how you treat your customers and your staff. You cannot support one of those and ignore the other. "You can't go wrong being a nice guy," Neeb said. "I genuinely believe nice guys don't always finish last. They don't always finish first, but at the end of the day, you can still feel good about being a nice guy."

Neeb's two adult children, his mom and his brothers, all live in Indiana, where he grew up. He also has two adult stepdaughters. Morris and his wife, Denise, enjoy spending time with their almost 3-year-old granddaughter, who lives in Tennessee. They have spent recent weekends house hunting in Baldwin County, trying to find just the right spot to make their new home.