Robertsdale, AL-based Business Owner Joins National Wooden Pallet & Container (NWPCA) Industry Peer Leaders in Meetings with Lawmakers at Washington, DC Congressional Fly-in

nwpcaPhoto: Larry Howell with Cottondale Wood Products, Senator Shelby, Walker Wilson and Jimmy Wilson with Bay Wood Products

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (July 14, 2016) -- A leadership team from Robertsdale, AL- based, Bay Wood Products (BWP) traveled to Washington in early June to meet with members of Congress and their staff members. Bay Wood President and founder Jimmy Wilson, along with BWP lumber buyer Walker Wilson, joined a delegation from the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) for the visit.

The NWPCA Congressional Fly-in, on June 7-8 in Washington, was held in conjunction with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) 2016 Manufacturing Summit. Manufacturers from across the U.S. met with legislators to advocate for policies that play a critical role in the nation’s economic growth. Larry Howell, President of Cottondale Wood Products, Tuscaloosa, AL and Jimmy Wilson, President of Bay Wood Products, Robertsdale, AL (pictured above), are both active on the NWPCA executive board.

Jimmy and Walker Wilson, residents of Pensacola, FL, along with Howell a resident of Tuscaloosa, AL attended scheduled meetings with aids for Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Alabama Senator Richard Shelby. In addition, Wilson said they talked with Senator Shelby and Congressman Gary Palmer, AL 6th District, during the visit. Walker Wilson met with staff for Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne.

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Handmade Table Holds Historic Significance for U.S. Pallet Industry

Pallet Table(l-r) Jim Schwab, Pallet Logistics of America; Brent McClendon, NWPCA; Jimmy Wilson, Bay Wood Products, Inc.; Jim Taylor, Pensacola Skid & Pallet, Inc.; Robert Trexler, Pasadena Skid & Pallet, Inc.; Bob Wenner, Pallet Service Corporation; Hollis Large; Tommy Orr, WNC Pallet & Forest Products Co.; Tom Thrash, WNC Pallet & Forest Products Co.

More than 40 years ago, a group of well-intentioned young men commissioned a coffee table be made to resemble a high-end wooden pallet. The table was to be a gift for an influential U.S. Senator credited with bringing new industry and jobs to impoverished West Virginia.

As it turns out, the gift never made it to the lawmaker. A supervisor of the young men at a forest products marketing laboratory where they worked, discovered the table and squashed the plan. The table was destined for the office of the now late Senator Robert Byrd. That supervisor also directed an employee to take the one-of-a-kind gift out of the government-run office, and that is how the handsome table wound up with Hollis Large.

Large, a recent college graduate in 1971 with an entrepreneurial spirit, was leaving the USDA Forest Service Facility in Princeton, West Virginia to embark on a pallet manufacturing career in north Alabama. Decades later, Large gave the table to his friend and business partner Jimmy Wilson, the founder and president of Bay Wood Products in southern Alabama.

For a few years in the early 1970s, Large worked with the USDA Forestry Division in West Virginia. “I was placed in the pallet project division,” he said. “Our focus and objective was to find and develop markets for low-grade hardwood lumber” which was abundant there. Large and his coworkers, including the late Hugh Reynolds and the late Dr. Walt Wallin, decided the U.S. Postal Service might be a good customer for wooden pallets. At the time, the postal service was still using heavy canvas bags to ship magazines and other periodicals.

“What Hugh had in mind,” Large said, “was instead of putting them in mail sacks, to put them in bundles and stack them on wood pallets.”

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ROBERTSDALE, Ala - (May 19, 2016) – Bay Wood Products Inc.’s President and founder Jimmy Wilson was recently nominated and voted to a second three-year term serving on the Board of Directors for the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA).

The largest international organization of wood packaging professionals in the world, the NWPCA gives voice to its members and the issues they face daily who might not otherwise have the means to be heard in Washington. They successfully manage governmental affairs, seeking ways to protect the interests of its membership, staying engaged with lawmakers and communicating news that impacts how they make a living.

jimmywilson“We want the public to know we are a worldwide authority on wooden pallets,” Wilson said, “and for lawmakers to understand and act on the issues pallet manufacturers face. It is our vision to achieve and sustain worldwide acceptance of the NWPCA as the thought and information leader on wood packaging in unit-load solutions.” (Pictured: Jimmy Wilson)

Representing more than 600 business owners across the U.S., Wilson will join the association’s Board of Directors in Washington this June for strategic planning and meetings with members of Congress and their staffs. Nominated by the membership and then voted into the position, Wilson said it’s an honor to continue to serve alongside other professionals dedicated to finding solutions for tough issues that often affect thousands of his peers.

Wooden pallets are an $11.5 billion industry, with nearly 3,000 mostly small family businesses operating in all 50 states. In recent years members of the NWPCA’s Board of Director stopped a national fire code proposal that would have eliminated more than 60 percent of outdoor storage space, which had the potential to cost business owners thousands and even shutter smaller operations. The International Code Council, who sets building and other code regulations followed by all 50 states, later accepted new rules approved by NWPCA about the storage of empty pallets and crates.

About Bay Wood Products, Inc.
In business for nearly 22 years, Bay Wood Products Inc. is a full service manufacturer of wooden pallets, rough cut lumber, dunnage, custom crates, biofuel and mulch. The company crafts pallets of all sizes and specifications for big industry, large chemical companies, manufacturers, farmers and shipping agencies. Using the Pallet Design System (PDS) computerized technology, each pallet is created to meet the customer's' specific needs. The company has a long client list that includes customers in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. Large petroleum-chemical companies, as well as steel manufacturers, make up the largest portion of Bay Wood Products' client base. For more information about the company, call 251.960.1107 or visit

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