Our Daily Priority: Bay Wood Products, Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe, accident-free work environment. We regard everyone’s safety with the utmost importance. We are committed to provide the safest work environment possible through comprehensive training, team work, and properly maintained equipment.

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Based on a proactive approach, we strive to maintain awareness of safe workplace practices with each employee resulting in improved Near Misses and Substandard Conditions reporting. A Near Miss is defined as an event that does not result in injury or damage.

The highest degree of importance is placed on the recording and investigation of a Near Miss event to best identify any potential weakness in the safety program with an overall goal to reduce the risk of injury or damage in the workplace. Additionally, this Near Miss monitoring program enables the company to constantly evaluate and address current procedures, documentation and training thereby preventing injury or damage.

Our commitment to the highest level of workplace safety for our employees and visitors is demonstrated by a solid safety program that includes the following components:

  • Near Miss and Substandard Condition Reporting, Tracking and Improvements
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation Procedures
  • CPR and First Aid Training for First Responders Team
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Mandatory Weekly Safety Huddles
  • Mandatory Safety Orientation and Training for Every New Hire and Temporary Employees
  • Job Safety Analysis Procedures
  • Drug Testing Procedures: Pre-employment, Post-accident, Reasonable Suspicion and Random
  • Formal Safety Audits and Reporting

$1.5 million in
raw materials on site

$20 million
annual revenue

190 truckloads of
pallets monthly

Recycles up to 60
tons of wood scraps daily