People are at the heart of Bay Wood Products. Determined to make a difference, our leaders value the vital role teamwork plays in daily business practices. We embrace a culture of family, relying on each other to achieve a positive, productive work environment to successfully meet the needs of our clients.

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Jimmy Wilson, Founder and President

jimmy wilson, presidentSince 1994, Jimmy Wilson has built his wooden pallet business on a reputation of quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. “All my clients know me and I know them,” he said. “They know that, whenever they need to, they can call on me.” Wilson’s career in the wooden pallet industry began in 1989 in his hometown of Cartersville, Georgia. Four years later, he became a partner in a Pensacola, Florida pallet business that eventually became Bay Wood Products Inc. in Robertsdale, Alabama.

The company’s annual sales and production have surged in recent years. Now, Bay Wood Products reports more than $20 million in annual sales and employs more than 120 men and women. “There are a lot of possibilities for the future,” Wilson said. “I still get excited about what we do.”

Wilson was recently elected to serve a second three-year term on the Board of Directors for the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for The Pallet Foundation and locally, on the Board of Advisors for BB&T Bank in Mobile, AL.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife, Bridget, and their son, Walker, who is an Auburn University graduate. In 2012, Walker joined Bay Wood Products as a softwood lumber buyer and broker. Wilson said he hopes to one day see his son leading the family-owned business.

Jimmy Wilson may be reached by calling 251.960.1107.

Sherise Stinnett, Manager, Sales & Customer Service

sherise-stinnettSherise Stinnett understands what it takes to successfully provide pallets and crates to customers of Bay Wood Products. An employee with the company since 2000, she leads a team of sales and customer service staff members who make sure clients have what they need when they need it.

With 16 years of experience in the industry, she knows the right questions to ask to ensure customer satisfaction with crates, pallets and dunnage crafted by Bay Wood workers. Then, she effectively communicates those requests to the plant staff.

“I’m the voice for the customer,” she said. “I work hand-in-hand with the production team and other departments to make sure our clients receive what they ask for on time.”

She is so passionate about making customers her priority that Stinnett offers her cell phone number to them and their staff members. Her philosophy for work is this: “Honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, respect is earned, and loyalty is returned.”

Stinnett attended Rutgers University. Her career includes more than 20 years of management experience, working in New York City for eight years before moving to Baldwin County.

She and her husband, Russell, have been married for almost six years. As a parent, she has worked to instill a love of lifelong learning in her son, Bobby Mennicucci. A senior at Robertsdale High School, he plans to study engineering in college. Stinnett enjoys working out at the gym, running, biking and weight lifting.

Sherise Stinnett may be reached by calling 251.960.1107 ext. 105. 

Walker Wilson, Softwood Lumber Buyer

Walker WilsonWalker Wilson joined Bay Wood Products as a softwood lumber buyer and broker in September 2012, and quickly began building relationships with local and regional mill staffs to ensure customer demand for wooden crates and pallets are met every day.

A graduate of Auburn University, Wilson grew up in Pensacola, Florida, and served as President of Junior Civitan International, a service organization, his senior year in high school. In that role, he led a group who raised more than $100,000 for Civitan International Research Center at UAB to fund medical research.

“My dad taught me that you work first and play second,” Walker said, noting that his father, Jimmy Wilson, has been a role model for him. “In his personal life and in his work life, he's been successful. It's been really gratifying to see others in the pallet and lumber businesses look up to him.”

Walker is an active member of the Pensacola Civitan Club and the Pensacola Young Professionals where he co-chairs the Government Affairs team.

“It's vital to promote service within our communities,” Walker said. “Many times, people can't always do for themselves. We should try to give back whenever we can.”

Walker Wilson may be reached by calling 850.485.1889.

Kimberly Toche, Human Resource Director


As the human resources manager at Bay Wood Products, Kimberly Toche does more than explain and promote the generous benefits packages offered by the company doing business in Baldwin County since 1994. She also is responsible for seeking out talented team members, coaching existing staff, and working to develop the potential of the more than 120 men and women who make the wooden pallet manufacturing company thrive.

"Every day presents a new challenge as does every stage in the growth of the company," Toche said. "In the four years I have been here, the progress has been expansive. I really enjoy the challenges this environment presents and being a part of it."

Toche has earned over 22 years of experience in human resource management roles to include; experience working with defense and government contractors, big box retailers and international distributors. She said her role with Bay Wood has been gratifying: "I truly believe in the company, the people and the products and feel valued for the part I play in the company’s successes."

Knowing she is helping others succeed motivates Toche: "I like to think that I make a difference, whether it is helping a new employee attain job success they never believed possible or being a sounding board to those who face challenging situations that affect their work life."

A Baldwin County native, Toche attended Faulkner State University. Her community involvement includes taking part in local animal rescue efforts and Habitat for Humanity projects. She and her husband of 25 years have two adult children. The couple enjoys training for marathons, hiking and cycling together.

$1.5 million in
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$20 million
annual revenue

190 truckloads of
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Recycles up to 60
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