Company Terminal Values

Bay Wood Products, Inc.

As Bay Wood Products employees, we commit to maintaining a corporate culture that embraces the following Seven Terminal Values by striving to apply them daily in our workplace:


terminal values

We regard everyone’s safety with the utmost importance. We are committed to provide the safest work environment possible through comprehensive training, teamwork, and properly maintained equipment.


We embrace the values of honesty and integrity, keeping truthfulness at the forefront of everything we do.


We value teamwork in our daily business practices. We embrace a culture of family, relying on each other to achieve a positive, productive work environment.


We strive for the highest level of competency by giving all employees the needed tools and skills to perform their jobs at the highest level. We provide ongoing learning, growth and development opportunities which lead to improved competence and confidence.


Bay Wood Products employees are expected to commit to doing their part to ensure the company prospers. In doing so, they recognize that ultimately, the company – which includes both owners and employees - will prosper in terms of job stability and financial security.


We strive to develop our full potential by living a productive, meaningful and satisfying life. We positively respond to opportunities to improve knowledge, job skills and quality of life.


As a company we view respect as a vital, valuable priority. We respect everyone by showing consideration for their opinions and contributions and holding all individuals in high regard.

We recognize these values are most successfully applied when employees maintain balance between career, relationship, family, free time and health. In this, we will ultimately achieve true success and prosperity.